2014   //   Stainless steel, brass, aluminum, Swiss mechanical watch movement.


Zenith is a self-winding mechanical watch centered on the 700 year-old technologies makes the whole thing tick. The exposed front and back show how the watch works as much as the time of day. Rather than just telling the time, Zenith is a prompt to reflect on the ingenuity of the escapement mechanism that first made precise timekeeping possible. 

Available for order. Please inquire by email.


The stainless steel watchcase marks the hours with 12 angled facets, which is the same geometry as a common socket wrench. That shape is an icon for our instinct to create objects. The brass dial and aluminum noon marker are subtle gestures of sun and moon – icons for our instinct to create meaning from the world around us.

I designed steel case, press-fit brass dial, movement spacer, threaded caseback and case key all in Solidworks. Each was machined through HSM Works on a Haas CNC mill and custom aluminum fixtures. The precision components house the Swiss made ETA 2824 mechanical movement that is commonly covered in luxury watches. With the exposed dial and caseback, Zenith brings the beautiful ruby bearings and brass gears into plain sight. 

The name Zenith was derived from astronomy, where it describes the highest position of the sun. The reference is a reminder of the motion of the planets, which were our original timekeepers.