Ark Rocker

2014-15   //   Hard maple, aluminum, brass.

The ARK Rocker is concept piece exploring the intersection of modern manufacturing technology with timeless craft techniques during my residency at  Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop.

Every part on this rocking chair was made was made using digital fabrication equipment and computer software. However, rather than design in the computer, I designed each part by sketching and hand drafting vectors for digital conversion, or hand-sculpting forms for 3D capture and modeling. With this piece, I was hoping to examine what new possibilities for craft are emerging as we become ever more digital. We are using technology to relate to each other, and to shape the world around us. My hope is to harness this power to remain intimately connected with the things around us by preserving the magical quality imbued by handcraft, rather than create a computerized landscape of forms and objects.

By tying CNC machining and powerful software to traditional hand shaping and drafting techniques, I’m personally seeking to deepen my own connection to materials and to craft. But, I’m also looking to provide new outlets for craftsman to create work in the 21st century, and for designers to employ craft at scale.