2014   //   Walnut or maple, acrylic, aluminum, brass.


Plane is a bedside reading lamp made from rich materials. Blocks of walnut or maple are split in matched halves, with light spilling out from the space between them. A custom fixture holds the bulb on a solid metal base just above the ground - to let light escape from the bottom. Subtle marks of the making process are left behind as reminders that all product is material. 

In private collections and available for custom order. Please inquire by email.


These lamps were initially made for family during my residency at Pier 9 Workshop, and they employ each of the major CNC processes available at the shop: the router, lathe, and mill. The design was conceived and executed on a batch of six lamps in 36 working hours – an exercised in simplicity and the efficiency of batch production work. All the parts were made in Autodesk Fusion 360, and machined through HSM Works.

Plane lamps use low-wattage incandescent candle bulbs.

Lots of information on the making of the first set of Plane lamps is available on Instructables.