OK Desk


OK Desk

2014   //   Birch europly, black-oxide steel, rubber.


OK Desk is a mobile workstation designed for Olson Kundig Architects’ office in Seattle, WA. The desk is a mobile workstation for the office that can be moved around as easily as it can be stored under a desk. The kinetic design offers two positions – a low position for compact storage, and an upright position for moving around the office, and for proper sitting work height. 

OKD lives at Olson Kundig Architects HQ in Seattle.


OKD can store energy to be used anywhere in the office without the need to plug into the wall, using a car battery that is charged either by a stationary bike or through a wall outlet. The design was inspired by Tom Kundig’s love of hot rod cars, with a large front wheel and skid steering, and it’s kinetic feature is a nod to the firm's renowned "gizmos."

OKD was designed in collaboration with OKA Principal Architect Steven Rainville, Kinetic Design Principal Phil Turner, Plamena Milusheva, and John Nebendahl.