2015   //   Rift sawn white oak.


This is a project in collaboration with Matthew Sellens of Perpetua Wood in Portland, OR. 

Miranda combines traditional woodworking methods with 3D modeling software and computer machining (CNC) to harness the best of both worlds. The fully sculpted form is sensual and organic, but digitization and CNC fabrication allow the stool to be customized and made-to-order in small batches. The tactile process of hand carving meets the efficiency, precision, and flexibility of digital tools.

The first, limited edition is currently in production in Berkeley, CA. The size can be customized to fit your exact needs, and a range of materials and finishes are available. The stool may also be configured with exposed hardware to pack flat, instead of being permanently glued as one piece.

If you are interested in ordering Miranda(s), please inquire by email. 


Matthew designed early prototypes in Portland where it developed through various forms. With his decades of experience in traditional woodworking, Matthew brought efficiency and intuition to the manual design and iteration process. We worked together to refine the form, and prepare the design for a smooth transition into a digital fabrication workflow. The final design was professionally 3D captured, and I moved the form through Meshmixer, Netfabb, MeshEnabler, Autodesk Inventor, and HSM Works to create the precision joinery and toolpaths for machining. The first set of finished stools was milled on the DMS 5-axis CNC router at Pier 9 Workshop.

The design leverages every aspect of handwork - sensual curves and subtle details that can arise only from touching the wood with one's hands. It is well proportioned and ergonomic to a level that is hard to achieve purely in the digital realm. By digitizing the design we are able not only to reproduce the stool more efficiently - we've also made the design customizable so it can be fit to any space. 

In Roman mythology, Diana is the goddess of the forest and woodland animals.

Details on the process are available on Instructables.