2013   //   Corten steel, cold-rolled mild steel, concrete, Douglas fir.


Flare is public gathering space at Stanford University in the shared courtyard between the Masters design studios and Product Realization Lab. This public fire pit has a cantilevered canopy that creates an inviting social space by reflecting rising heat and light from the fire back down towards the ground.

Flare is permanently installed at Stanford University.



Flare was uses the natural attraction and to fire to create a natural social space. The canopy creates the sensation of being in a protected area, and the custom built benches define the perimeter of the area. By catching the light from the fire 10 feet in the air, the canopy also raises an invitation towards a passerby to come towards the warm gathering space underneath it.

The fire pit was created during my Masters work at Stanford’s Joint Program in Design, for a two-week project called Personal Statements. The entire design, prototype, and build happened in two weeks. The piece includes over 500 pounds of steel that was welded by the flame of oxy-acetylene torch. The base is that holds the fire is 1500 pounds of hand-poured concrete that anchors the cantilevered canopy, which can support a person’s weight.

The process is condensed into a 2-minute video shot by yours truly and edited by Gloria Bremer.