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2013  //   Aluminum, birch Europly, CREE warm-white LED's, electronics.


Beacon is a smart task lamp that automatically adjusts to its environment. It turns on whenever someone enters the room, and turns off after five minutes of inactivity. While Beacon is active, it modulates its light level to keep the task at hand perfectly illuminated, getting brighter as the room gets darker. 

Available for custom order. Please inquire by email.


The design was inspired by moments of deep focus that span straight through daytime and dusk into nightfall. At sunset, Beacon will slowly get brighter, preserving that moment of focus. The cantilevered design also leaves the smallest possible footprint on a desk, maximizing workspace.

Inside the lamp, there is an Arduino and three simple circuits to provide input to the computer – one connected to a photo-resistor, another connected to a passive infrared motion sensor, and a third that uses those sensors to control the CREE warm white LED's. 

Why shouldn’t technology help us concentrate better on the thing in front of us?