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Designed around the ETA 2824 mechanical watch movement, this project was centered around a CAD / CAM / CNC workflow that required custom-milled fixtures for rapid off-axis milling and building manufacturing considerations into the design.

  • mechanical Design


  • Custom fixturing

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A modern rocking chair built in a CAD / CAM / CNC workflow based on 3D-scanning of hand-carved geometry for the human touch points while using a mix of aluminum components made by CNC for assembly.

  • mechanical design

  • original 3d Scanning workflow

  • CNC mill, lathe, 5-axis router, and waterjet



Created in a batch of six that was produced in a few days from concept to completion, this project required balancing beautiful design with parts that were fast to hold and faster to flip, with minimal complexity in milling features and few parts for assembly.

  • mechanical design

  • Design for manufacture





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Sennheiser Innovation works on future concept prototypes for headphones, professional microphone arrays, and new concepts for AR/VR. In a small team, I design mechanical assemblies for prototypes, which I contract out or personally fabricate by CNC. As User Centered Design Lead, I generate new product concepts for our consumer portfolio team using ethnographic research to uncover key insights. I have led research and contributed to design concepts for two products currently under development.

  • user research

  • ideation & Design THinking

  • Mechanical design



By using 3D scanning to capture the live edge of a slab of wood, the entire piece can be almost completely used in a piece of furniture, virtually eliminating the waste needed to mill square boards for traditional furniture building by using 5-axis CNC milling to create glue joint along the complex organic geometry of the tree.

  • original 3D SCanning workflow

  • live 5-axis CNC milling & Toolpaths

  • preserves organic contour of tree



Taking hand-carved geometry from Sylvan Ray designer Matthew Sellens through my original 3D scanning workflow in order to create CAD parts, joint and toolpaths for CNC milling the first prototype on custom fixtures. Additionally, offering critical technical perspective during design, and serving as a key interface with the production team at Munsion Joinery in Oakland.

  • mechanical design

  • Design for manufacture

  • CNC milling, fixturing & toolpaths



This bicycle lock becomes a flexible bike storage solution for hanging on shelves with a simple internal joint. Prototypes were produced in a small batch with CNC and manual machining for Maker Faire to show off an original concept created after a user centered design process in a team of five.

  • Design Co-lead

  • rapid prototyping

  • CNC & Manual machining



This design was recognized with multiple awards by Red Dot and the IDA for its innovative use of materials, which was the result of a months-long exploration of the constraints of vacuum-forming plywood veneers. The solution was a response to the challenge of creating a dynamic sense of volume from a 2D material that cannot make compound bends.

  • Recognized by Red Dot and International Design Award

  • INdustrial design

  • ORIGINAL fabrication workflow

  • vacuum Wood lamination



This lamp was created around the concept of focus, using a micro-controller and photoresistor to create a simple means of automatic brightness control based on ambient light to preserve concentration.

  • INDustrial design

  • Arduino programming & electronic design

  • Rapid prototyping



This is a small set of hand-produced steel bicycles I’ve made for fun using all manner of joining techniques, including silver-brazed lugs, brass-brazed fillets, and TIG welding, uniting my passion for building beautiful and precise machines with my love of bicycles. This experience culminated teaching and co-teaching classes at CCA and Stanford in bicycle frame building.

  • precision metrology

  • TIG welding and brazing

  • Manual mill



Utility is a sculpture that explores the meaning of making by using progressively intensive manufacturing techniques (hand-carving, sand-casting, and CNC machining) to question the value of our ever advancing capabilities and the cultural notions of progress and improvement.

  • CNC mill & Toolpaths

  • wood turning, sand casting



This sculptural gathering space and fire pit is permanently installed outside of the graduate design studios at studios at Stanford University, designed and constructed during the span of one week and using over one ton of concrete and hundreds of welded joints. It stands over 10ft high.

  • one-week design-build sprint

  • Welding, woodworking, concrete casting



This desk organizer was designed to hold the basic tools for design. Patterns were made by hand for sand-casting for each size of drawer - an excellent, hands-on insight into the constraints of industrial casting processes.

  • industrial design

  • sand-castinG, woodworking